Your wants are your needs


What do I need to hear today?

Or rather, what do I want to hear today?

I suspect these things, are often the same thing. When your wants are truly about desire at least, instead of wanting to run away from and resist something. When the wants are really wants, not simply reflections of what we don’t want (to borrow an analogy from Teal Swan, a true desire is when you choose strawberry ice cream because you just love strawberry ice cream, not because you really, really don’t like vanilla. How much of your life is non-vanilla picking?) Because what we truly want is what is best for us. It’s for us. It IS us. It’s what we NEED.  Joy, desire and purpose for being are inextricably linked. They are one and the same.

So what do I want and need to hear?

You are on the path.

This IS it.

You worry that your passion and purpose is some big thing that you are way off the mark on, so much so that you often miss what is here now.

The power and the possibility that you have is in the now. The depth and deliciousness of the present is where every moment of your life happens.

Momentum is building. Never underestimate the magic of little steps.

Keep going. Keep building. Never stop.

Do the things that you envision never stopping.

I caution against starting anything that you wish to have life long results from, that you are not willing to do forever.

I strongly encourage that you figure out what the ideal you does everyday from flow, the freedom of habit and conscious choice to live aligned to their values (note; figure our their values). And do those things. Because you want to. Because that is just what that person does, what you do. You really ARE that person.  

BE that person.

It’s all you ever wanted, and needed, anyway.

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