You are MAGIC




You are magic.

You are powerful.

You have universal energies at your back. Fully supporting you. Fully loving you.

It is FUN playing with magic.

It is so meant to be fun!

Being here.

Being you.

Being all that you are.

In the moment. Having source flow through you.
Molding the energy.

Focusing your focus.

Hocusing your pocus 😉

Whatever you desire is done.

Boom! Done! Magic!

You are that important.

You are that wonderful.

You are that magic.

Magic feels easy. And playful. And passionate. And fun. And simple. And joyous. And lighthearted.

And when you feel that way too,

When you feel that life is magic,

Life IS magic.

Because that’s who you are.

That’s who you are here to be

Fun. Easy. Satisfying. Delicious.


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