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I’ll guide you to make life magic!

What do I mean by magic?

You know when you are having a great day and everything goes smoothly? People return your phone calls at the perfect time. An email comes through from someone just when you were thinking about them. Unexpected money shows up. The grouchy person at work seems to like you today. You get a whole lot done in a short about of time because you easily get into the flow of whatever you were doing. It’s just one of those days where everything is working out great. Like magic!

You can have those days everyday!

You can tap into your own power and magic.

You can cultivate a life that is full of ease, fun, passion and joy.

You can create a life you adore.

That’s what I guide you to do.

Magical mentoring is about tuning you back into your own magnificent ability to consciously and deliberately make your life flow like magic. I take metaphysical principles and law of attraction teachings and work with you to practically apply them in your life right now. I show you how woo-woo spiritual concepts convert into daily action so you not only feel better right away, but naturally attract more and more into your life to feel great about. It’s practical magic! (which also happens to be the title of one of my favorite movies 🙂 )

I believe you are here with purpose. That you are here to lead a life of happiness, delight and fulfillment. That YOU have the ability to create that internal state here and now. And because your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner state, you have the ability to create a reality that looks, feels and IS fantastic!

My clients, from that tapped in, good feeling, in the flow state, have been able to achieve amazing results including:

  • Stopping nightly binge eating.
  • Feeling free and easy around food. No more constant worrying about what/when/how to eat!
  • Making the long desired transition to being fully self employed doing work they love.
  • Having way more fun in their relationship
  • Effortlessly losing weight all while eating what they love to eat and exercising less!
  • Their body healing quicker than ever before.
  • Having busy days at work that used to be stressful and exhausting become energizing and fulfilling.
  • Deeper and closer friendships.
  • Exciting career opportunities that come out for nowhere.
  • Creating a new happiness set point; Moving from overwhelmed and downtrodden being the norm, to a daily baseline of contentment and ease.
  • Waking up with energy and looking forward to the day.
  • An overall sense of eagerness and happiness.

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What my clients are saying:


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Testimonial- Michelle

Testimonial- Debbie

Testimonial- Marianne


testimonial Shan 2

testimonial iona 2


Testimonial Phoebe


From food anxiety, binge eating and emotional eating to being in-tune with her body, feeling super good, unexpected weight loss and no food anxiety:

Since working with you – I’ve quit the gym, I go on walks or move my body when I want to WITH NO PRESSURE OR GUILT. I eat what my body wants (most of the time) and have pretty much let go of all guilt around food. I had a few people tell me that I had lost weight, but I didn’t really take much notice because I didn’t really want to go back fixating on that stuff again…… But I went over to my parents’ house yesterday (I don’t own a scale or use a scale) and just out of curiosity I weighed myself. I’ve lost ## kgs without trying. WITHOUT BEING DEPRIVED. FROM BEING HAPPY!!!!

The insane thing was my reaction to it… I wasn’t even too fussed or overly happy as I once would have been with lost weight. I first thought to myself, ‘Am I ok?’ Have I been stressed? Do I need to be eating more?’ then I realised….it’s because I’m more IN-TUNE WITH MYSELF NOW….my body feels super good here – this is my SWEET SPOT!

I have no desire to loose anymore weight, and I honestly wouldn’t worry if I gained it all back (this is hugggggge for me!). I DON’T HAVE ANY ANXIETY AROUND IT and it was actually just a number to me. I don’t plan on weighing myself again anytime in the future, but I’m glad I did that. It was quite a powerful thing to realise how much my mindset has changed since last year.

The things you have taught me have literally been life changing.

–  Shan


Feeling great and finally free from being tied to food:

Just wanted to give you an update.  I am down ##lbs. I love not being tied to food.  Not always thinking about it, being able to choose yes or no to eating, and saying no to things I don’t want to eat….feels great! I feel free. I do love not focusing and being controlled by food. Thanks for all your insight. I love intuitive eating.”

– Shannon G.

Note: I don’t include weight loss amounts as it is not the goal but merely a possible side effect of the journey to food freedom, health and happiness.

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