Who said you have to DEPRIVE and STRUGGLE to get what you want?! You can have the goodies NOW

Was thinking about what the tangible results are from the work I do with people. How to describe what is so very beneficial about the principles and law of attraction teachings I work with.
Sure people lose weight, get healthier, receive more money, improve relationships and so on. And that is what I guess people come looking to manifest and create in their lives when they start; they come wanting to achieve a big end goal.
We are told and led to believe that to achieve such goals, we need to do things we don’t want to do to get there. That the prize comes at the end. That there is some necessary deprivation and struggle and hard no-fun work to be done to get there.
But what I guide you to, what you discover for yourself, is that you don’t to have an unhappy journey to get to what you want.

The biggest benefit from these teachings is that you get to feel good NOW.
You get to enjoy your life more and more and more NOW. You get the prize; feeling fantastic, loving life, adoring yourself, confidence, sureness, clarity, purpose, passion, excitement, NOW.
In fact, you can’t ultimately even GET to your end goal (which is never really the end seen as we always desire something more) though struggle and suspended happiness anyway. The process and the end result need to be on the same wavelength for you to have your ultimate desire in your life. You’ve got to be a match NOW to what you want in order for it to appear.
Feeling great, satisfied and deeply appreciative of what has manifested for you becomes both the end goal AND the means. You get the best of both worlds.
You don’t have to wait!
You don’t have to sacrifice anything in the mean time to get to where you want to be. THAT is the biggest result you get from this work. You get to have MORE not less. More fun. More enjoyment. More pleasure. More fulfillment. More joy. More magic. More efficiency. More productive. More inspired.
And who doesn’t want some of that!
Much love,
Hannah May x
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