When you know, YOU KNOW. And there’s NO GOING BACK



Sometimes it hits me square on. BAM!

The totality of it. The knowing that what I BELIEVE impacts EVERY ASPECT aspect of my life. How my whole world is perceptual. How each and every piece of my life, no matter how large or tiny, is effected by, and is what it IS, because of how I think and feel about it.

The complete and totally responsibility of it feels CRUSHING at times. Too large to comprehend. Too overwhelming. TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY knowing that EVERYTHING comes in response to my vibration, my thought patterns, my energy state.

And in those moments, I start thinking it would be so much easier to be unaware of all that. To put my head in the sand and pretend that reality is PURELY about what I can SEE. That what is true is ONLY what is physically tangible.

I start thinking that maybe ignorance is bliss. That maybe it would be nicer to just float though life, responding to what’s happening around me. Not knowing I have CONTROL. Not knowing I directly and massively IMPACT what is unfolding around me. Not knowing I am powerful.

I sometime wish I didn’t know.

But I DO know.

I DO understand that I control the reality of my life.

That I CAN create whatever life I want.

That I AM creating my reality every single, tiniest fraction of a second.

That what happens is coming in response to how I think and feel. That my thoughts about something as simple as how the caffeine in my cup of tea will affect my body actually CREATES the physical response I feel. Maybe even to the extent that the physical reaction is COMPLETELY due to my beliefs about it and my vibrational state in general and not at ALL due to the actual caffeine. I sense the truth of that but my logical brain still pushes against it smile emoticon

That small example clicks me into my inner knowing that if my thoughts and energy state are creating EVERYTHING in my world and I have the ability to pick and choose what thoughts I think,

THAT means I can pick and choose to be, do or have ANYTHING I desire.

That the only persons between me and all I long to create, is ME. It’s ALL ME. Every bit of it. And every bit of it I can sculpt and mold to how I want it to be by the power of my mind. By the power of my focus. My the power of my thought and intention.

I can do it.

I AM doing it.

The question is, am I am doing it, this creating and attracting my whole reality, in a way that pleases me? In the way I prefer. In a way that serves my joy and happiness. In a way that serves the highest good of all.

Because if I am creating my whole world ANYWAY, and I have ultimate power over what I create, I might as well create and allow a life I LOVE.

If I am thinking anyway, and if what I think leads to what I live, I might as well think thoughts that make me feel amazing and that allow what I desire to manifest.

If I am speaking anyway, and what I put words to gives power to them, I might as well speak about what I WANT to happen and what would be of BENEFIT to me and everyone else.

If I going to be focusing on something all the time ANYWAY, and what I focus on expands, I might as well focus on what I deem beautiful and joyous.

If I am going to embrace what I know about how this universe works, and I can’t not because I know too much and there is no going back once you have been WOKEN UP, I might as well feel EMPOWERED and EXCITED and EAGER to use this knowledge to live and BE all that I CAN be.

So here I am.

Letting myself ENJOY the power of my ability to create and allow ANYTHING.

Typing as fast as I can because of the IMPULSE and INSPIRATION to get these thoughts out of my head is so strong.

RELEASING the feeling of burden or responsibility and instead being FUELED and BRIMMING WITH ENERGY in the knowing that all I desire is DONE and being delivered to the degree I allow myself to trust, open, line up my beliefs with the truth I can FEEL in my bones and let it all IN.

Allowing the SURGING of energy in my body in response to my recognition that I am the powerful creator of my reality, to roll on through

And REVELING in the excitement of the THRILLING journey I am on as I DELIBERATELY and PURPOSEFULLY use that power to consciously allow my MAGNIFICENT life.

THAT is what I came for.

THAT is what YOU are here for.

THAT is what I know for sure and what I know for sure about YOU.

That YOU TOO are powerful. That YOU TOO came here for joy. That YOU TOO create your own reality through your focus and attention.

And that YOU TOO have the freedom and the ability to do that CONSCIOUSLY. To create a life you LOVE, which you might as well seen as you are creating your life ANYWAY. That YOU TOO can allow the magnificent life you desire and deserve.

And that YOU TOO know too much

And that YOU TOO, despite what your head sometimes thinks, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Much love,

Hannah May.

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