What is the personality you embody when you are being your best self?


Who do you become when you are feeling at your absolute best?

Who are you when you are in alignment with your best, highest, fullest self?

For me, when I am being the fullest version of me, I am feel powerful and sure. Lighthearted and playful. Flirty and fun. I am focused on pleasure and the magic in life.

I feel like a sourceress, a courtesan of life, intelligent, capable, deeply loving, adoring and playful.

I can sense who she is, this ideal version of me.

The version of me who I have expanded to become.
Who is the true me if I am willing to let her out. To allow her to shine through.

She us beautiful and sassy. Funny and wise. Delights in and savours life. Is generous and vivacious.

And I worry that if I am to be her, to me be, I will have to do certain things; like only wear certain clothes or always wear make up or always be outgoing and perky.

I wonder if she is practical. If it is practical and possible to be this sourceress, courtesan, magic goddess archetype in my day to day life. Is she too much? Is she too out of reach? Is she too high maintaine?

But I realize that she, this side of me; well not really a side but the multifaceted whole of who I really am,

is simply a choice.

A feeling.
An attitude.
A mood.

A mood I can create. A feeling I can chose to have. An approach to life I can embody in all areas of existence.

Including in my PJs and glasses when I get out of bed.

Including when I am cleaning up baby poop.

Including when I am feeling introspective and in need of seclusion.

Because the sourceress, powerful, magical me knows that all aspects of myself are valid and sacred. That I worthy and enough and deserving always.

And so are you.

Being all of who I am has nothing to do with circumstances.

I can choose to allow the wholeness of me to be present independent of conditions.

And it feels great to be who I really am.

It is so much fun to be that embodied, powerful, playful, life loving goddess/queen/sourceress/courtesan/creator that I am.

Today I choose her. Today at some point I will also forget about her temporarily and opt to be less than that. And that is wonderful too. For I will re-remember, choose again to be all that I am.

Will you?

How does the best feeling YOU act, live, approach life?

And will you choose her today?

Much love,

Hannah May x

P.S. I have a group. An inspiring, uplifting group. An AMAZING group of people dedicated to being their best feeling self in their day to day life. A deliberate and focused group of people who are willing and ARE stepping into who they really are. And I invite you to join us here. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s Living Alignment. 

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