What IS alignment anyway? And why you NEED it.



You may not be sure WHAT it means, the word alignment, but I know for sure you have EXPERIENCED it. For example;

When you are feeling really in the ZONE. Whether that be when inspiration just seems to flow though you as you do some kind of creative work. Or maybe when you are dancing, or running or playing a sport and you get totally absorbed in what you are doing. You feel free and flowing and in sync.

Or when you are having a really great day. When things seem to be going so smoothly, you get crazy efficient, things click into place, people who normally annoy you seem to be amusing on those days or you feel a level of understanding towards them and are able to shrug off and see behind their normally irritating features.

Or when you have those unexpected moments in the middle of playing with your child or hanging out with your best friends or looking at something beautiful. Your mind kind of stops for a moment and for a few seconds, you feel a wave of appreciation, deep presence and love wash over you. A few moments of Wow, I really LOVE this.

Feeling those in flow, in love, in sync, content, inspired, ease-full, fun, beautiful, content, eager, energized, sure, clear, GOOD FEELING emotions is feedback telling you you are in ALIGNMENT.

But what IS that alignment? Where is it coming from? Why does it happen?

Some questions first for YOU:

Do YOU believe or acknowledge that there is more to you than just your body and mind? Do you believe there is, or at least may be, a larger, truer, soul, energetic, vibrational, real, eternal, knowing, connected-to-all-that-is YOU? A you that is an extension of and always connected to (because it IS you) the infinite, limitless, intelligence, love, light, consciousness that permeates everything?

Ok, that’s getting a bit big picture and is a lot to contemplate.

In short, Alignment is being IN LINE with that higher self. It is being IN SYNC with the universal love and energy that flows though you. It is thinking and having the same opinion as that part of yourself that is limitless and unconditionally loving.

Alignment is you NATURAL state underneath all the conditioned patterns you got going on.

Alignment is the reason WHY you feel good at any given moment. You don’t feel good (or bad) because of what is HAPPENING, you feel good or based on what you THINK about what is happening and how ALIGNED that is with what your higher self thinks.

Another way think of it is:

*** Living in alignment is being the most loving, compassionate, abundant, limitless, happy, vibrant version of yourself. ***

And WHY would you want to live in alignment? Two (big, huge, MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW IN LIFE) reasons:

1. (this ones obvious but I will spell it out anyway) Because it feels INCREDIBLE. And all when you think about it, what we all really want in life is to feel GOOD. To feel happy and amazing and deeply, deliciously fulfilled and satisfied. And that IS what alignment feels like. So BOOM, you are all ready LIVING your life goals!

and 2. When you are aligned (and you know because you feel good), you are able to MANIFEST what you want. You open the gates to all you desire. You are on the WAVELENGTH, the frequency, the level of all that you want. In your aligned state it can flow to you. All the inspiration and positive influence and creativity and intelligence and great ideas and clear next steps and sureness and knowing that is available can come to and though you (THAT’S what is happening when you are in that in-the-zone state I described at the beginning.). When you are aligned, you are synced up with everything that you want and you are allowing it to come into your life.

THAT is how you create the life you love. You get aligned, you feel AMAZING, you let it in.

THAT is what I am here to show you how to do through how I live my OWN life in alignment.

I am here to show you how to get in alignment DELIBERATELY.

Those flow states or unplanned moments of love and gratitude you have experienced, likely happened unexpectedly. Not planned or cultivated on purpose. Or maybe they were, but it is not something you do everyday and defiantly not something you deliberately cultivate all day long.

But you CAN.

And to live the most fulfilling, joyous wonderful life that is beneficial to not only you but EVERYONE in your world, you MUST.

Alignment is the key. It is the goal. It is the process. It is the end AND the means. It is everything.

It is available to YOU.

Here. Now.

Not when you have dropped the weight or found the partner or finished that project or had your holiday or become the CEO or brought the house or brought the thing or become rich or successful or retired.

It is about being happy NOW. Aligned NOW.

And EVERYTHING in your life shifting to reflect that.

Deliberately allowing your alignment. Getting happy on purpose. Consciously creating a life you love.

THAT is what I am here to teach.

That is what I am here to LIVE.

How about you?

Much love

Hannah May.

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