What if you didn’t have to diet anymore?


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What if you took at all the time, energy, money, mental space and hours of your one life that you spend focused on losing weight/not putting on weight/trying to fix your body/make it better and you instead focused it on what makes you HAPPY, what brings you JOY, what lights up your life, what makes you feel AMAZING?

How much freer and peaceful and vibrant and alive would you feel?

How different would your life be?

How much BETTER would your life be?

If you were dedicated to doing what makes you feel so so SOOOO good in your body and your soul, what foods would you eat?

What would you wake up and think about each morning?

What would you choose to do this weekend?

How would you move your body?

How would that impact on your relationships to your partner, your friends, your family, yourself?

If you focused on pleasure, not punishment, how would you treat yourself?

If you focused on health, not body shape, how would that effect your daily decisions?

If you focused on your burning desires, not burning calories, how would that impact discovering your passions and purpose in life?

What if you learnt a way to eat and relate to your body that was enjoyable, nourishing and in harmony?

What if you took all the focus off shaping your body and put it into shaping an INCREDIBLE, INSPIRING and JOY FILLED life?

What if.

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