See it, shift it


I have had days and days lately of ease and flow with myself and the little people I share my life with. What a shift from a few weeks earlier. Awareness is such a powerful thing. I was feeling so tumultuous in my emotions, up one minute, down the next, not knowing why I couldn’t be more stable. Why it felt like all the self-care and alone time was never enough, I just couldn’t keep my cup of needs filled. Those around me bared the brunt.

The amazing thing is, I haven’t even tried to change anything really since becoming aware of why I was feeling like that. I think I was mainly relieved I figured out what the hell it was (I was feeling wither happy or powerless because I was suppressing all the emotions in between, so whenever my desire were squelched by my own self doubt, I would spiral down unconsciously).

Seeing, validating and understanding the reasons behind my uncomfortable emotional state was enough for it to change all on it’s own. Another relief! I didn’t have to do a whole lot of work to overcome it. Well, there is always work to do and things to uncover, but often times, trying to work at overcoming something is simply throwing more resistance at it and keeping it active. Awareness (and a willingness to change) is often enough.

You can’t really get rid of anything anyway in this encompassing, inclusive, infinite multiverse. You can instead shine a light on it, let it melt from your current reality and allow yourself to naturally shift into a time and space where you are the person you prefer to be.

For me, that’s one way more chilled mama.

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