How to eat less by eating what you love.


The Muffin


Have you been in this situation? :

You are hungry and want something to eat, say, a muffin. But you decide against it because you plan to lose weight and your brain quickly reminds you; muffin in the mouth = muffin over the jeans.

But you really want a muffin!  So instead you have a banana. But that didn’t quite hit the spot. So you have some almond butter with rice crackers. That didn’t do it either. Next is a few squares of dark chocolate. And now you have a full tummy but also an unsatisfied, gnawing feeling. You eat a bowl of left-overs to try tame it.

Before you know it you have eaten the equivalent of 6 muffins…and you still want a muffin!

So you eat a muffin. Arggghhhhhh!

It seems like such a ridiculous scenario when I re-read it. And yet I would do versions of this very thing time and time again.


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Loving your flab isn’t positive body image.


Woman Red Scarf

Beautiful Photo by Bhumika Bhatia (source). You can also check her out here 

Having a positive body image is not about forcing yourself to love everything about your body. Or having bottomless confidence for bikini wearing. Or calling yourself curvy instead of fat. Not that there is anything wrong with doing those things, it just doesn’t encompass what body image is truly about.

Having a beneficial body image is about realising that your body is just that, an image. It is about seeing that your body is an expression of the configuration of cells and energy that make up the house for your soul.

Learning positive body image is learning to separate who you ARE from the image of your body.

It is about coming to know that:

You are not your body.


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Did you binge eat today? Read this…


Underwater woman

You are OK.

You may be feeling hopeless or ashamed, angry or guilty, sad or disappointed.

Remember that deep down, underneath all those feelings, you are human. A person. A woman (or a man).

By binge eating you were only trying look after the physical, mental or emotional parts of yourself the easiest and fastest way you could. And that is OK.

You feel you ate too much food. It’s done now. That time has passed. Now is the time to be gentle and to be kind.


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Don’t Fall for this Diet Trap


Bunny Scale

Story Time! Once upon a time there was the South Beach Diet. It’s a pretty standard low carb diet; I remember there being a lot of peanut butter. I was teenager who felt fat. Peanut butter and celery sticks as snacks sounded very doable, delicious even. I got my ass on the path to South Beach. The first few days were no problem. I followed the program and felt powerful and proud. Some weight was lost. 

Then……..carb cravings.

My willpower strained to contain my desire for bread. I started to get real sick of peanut butter. I started to get hungry. I slipped off the protein powered wagon and landed in a cushy pile of soft, white and refined delights. With an over filled tummy, the wagon was long gone. The weight that I lost was re-found; plus a little extra for starvation insurance purposes (our bodies are over protective like that).

Does my tale sound like one of your stories?


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Help! Santa made me fat!



So you ate too much at Christmas. Who can resist! All your family favourites laid out before you, champagne breakfasts, dessert at lunch, huge traditional dinners. Long, hot (down here in the southern hemisphere anyway) gin and tonic afternoons with soft cheeses and those delicious crackers you love so much. Leftovers.

Is all that celebrating is still having a party on your now jiggily tummy, or bloated face, or whatever thing happens to you when you know the scales have ticked up a few points?


2 Step Trick to Help Beat the Binge



If you want to change what you are doing, you have to first notice it. This is called self-awareness. As in, you are aware of what you are doing.

Self-awareness is going to help you stop binge eating.

So how does one do this? Next time you feel that you are binge eating or overeating in some way do this:


3 Questions to Ask Before Starting a New Health Habit


New Years is coming up. That means resolutions. A new hope for starting habits that will last the year through. And down here in the southern half of the globe ‘tis the season for “Get your body summer ready!” (Not a condoning, just saying).

You’ve heard about a great new diet tip. Or exercise plan. Or eating rule.  You can’t wait to get started!

Hold your horses a minute there girl.


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Is Your Diet Making You Insane?


Crazy Cupcakes

Are you acting insane around food?

You know the old chestnut “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

Hun, I want to put this gently……

You may just be acting a bit insane.

Does this sound familiar:

You feel crappy about your weight. You get on board with a new, “proven” life style plan (read: diet). You lose some weight. You feel better. You break a rule….Ooops. And a few too many oopsies later, you’re back to the beginning.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat….

Wanna get out off that disheartening and depressing merry-go-round?


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