5 Tips for a Powerful Gratitude Practice


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We have all heard about the power of gratitude.

It makes you happier.

It makes you healthier.

It makes our lives more satisfying and fulfilling.

And because what you focus on expands, being grateful for the good in your life brings more to be grateful for.

So, if you want to start a gratitude practice that WORKS

Or if you have done gratitude exercises before and found that it didn’t do all that much for you or they felt a bit forced or fake,

Then these 5 tips to creating a powerful, effective and gratifying gratitude practice are for you: (more…)

Let go to move forward.


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When you try to change something in your life, do you go straight into action mode?

Looking at what you need to DO to eat better or get a better job or find a partner.

What you need to START in order to get what you want.

Googling what the right action steps are so you can achieve what you have decided you need in order to be happy.

As helpful as taking those steps may seem

If you are holding on to what’s not serving you, what you want can not come into your life.


How you do food is how you do life.


how you do food is how you do life

How do you eat? What is your relationship to food like?

Are you an all-or-nothing kind of a person; either being super good and eating a perfect clean/paleo/sugar free/plant based/whatever diet. But then when you break your food composure by having a treat, it turns into an all-out feast cause’ “screw it, I might as well eat ALL THE THINGS.”?

Or maybe you are the kind of person who eats when it’s lunch time. Who eats when they SHOULD. Who chooses the correct portion sizes based on what they had read somewhere.

Or maybe you eat mindlessly. Eating just because its’s there. On AUTOPILOT.

However you eat and relate to food, I would bet that’s how you approach other areas of your life too.


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Feeling Stuck or Sucky? The most important question to ask yourself


I asked myself my question this morning when I was feeling stuck. And I acted on my answer. The result was this blog post. What question was that? Keep reading to find out. 

When you’re feeling stuck.

When you’re feeling sucky (as in; this sucks or I suck or you suck or EVERYTHING sucks!).

When you don’t know what to do next.

When you’re feeling blah and not motivated to do much of anything.

When you ‘re trying to make a decision.

Ask the question.

What question?

The question that is most important to you.

A question that will instantly connect you back to what you really want and who you really are.

A question that will wake you up and make you pay attention

A question that will snap you out of a negative tail spin and into alignment with your best you. 

To do that, 4 steps:

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The Feminine Way: Stop Struggling to Reach Your Goals.


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When we want to reach a food/body goal (whether that be weight loss, increased health, clear skin) we are encouraged to seek out a plan of action on how to achieve it. To find some external information on what, when and how much to eat. We are told to use our willpower, self-control and unwavering focus on our goal to make the plan stick.

We are lead to believe that is the best and only way.

And this is where it gets tough for us ladies.


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Diet not working for you? Here’s 6 reasons why


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There is a common belief out there that diet’s work but you suck. That if you want to trim down, stay slim, drop a few pounds (or a few 10s of pounds) that dieting in some way is the method to get you there and if you can’t make it work, it’s because you failed.

By diet, I mean anything you do to alter your food intake to alter your body weight. Diet for you might be called a lifestyle change or an eating guideline or just eating healthy. Whatever alternative name it has, I am here to tell you Diet’s. Don’t. Work. You are not flawed, the concept of dieting is. Here are 6 reasons why.


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Mind Body Connection: An interview with Erin Lee Kaufmann


“Connect with your body so you can make sense of your life!” – Erin Lee Kaufmann.

I had the pleasure of talking with Erin from Hey Mind Meet Body.

Click the video above to hear about:

  • The amazing healing modality you may not have heard of, that helped Erin recover from years of debilitating chronic pain.
  • What can happen when you have a disconnect between your mind and your body.
  • Why we can and should learn to trust our bodies.
  • Steps you can take today to start re-connecting your bodies and mind in order to create a happy, healthy and pleasurable relationship to food (and your life!).

Erin helps people nurture the mind-body connection. She knows so may people get caught up in the hamster wheel of the mind, but our bodies have so much to tell us! Erin supports and guides people to start a conversation with their body and learn what all those aches and pains are REALLY saying.

Find out more and connect with Erin at HeyMindMeetBody.com

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Will I lose weight?



Does this thought run through your head?

“Becoming a happy, healthy, intuitive eater sounds great Hannah, but will I lose weight?

It wouldn’t surprise me if it does because I get asked that a lot.

The “will I lose weight” question makes me want to grab one of the wooden crates in my kitchen (yes, there are wooden crates in my kitchen. Filled with empty bottles. A remnant of hubby’s home brewing operations, not alcoholism) and jump on it soap box style to launch into a discussion about the validity and the personal, social and cultural impact of weight loss as a goal in the first place.

But I know you were not after a lecture. Will save that for another time.

So here is my short and sweet answer. (more…)

Body Trust and Energy Levels: An Interview with Zoe Foster


I had the pleasure of talking to life alchemist Zoe Foster from Raw Yoga UK last week about how we can learn to trust our bodies, reduce emotional eating and harness our energy to create happy, healthy lives. Zoe also shares her amazing recovery story from chronic illness that is both shocking and inspiring. Check it out!


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A day in the life of an intuitive eater…me


So you know what intuitive eating is, but are not sure how it would actually look on a day-to-day basis? I kept track of how I ate for a whole day to give you an example of what I mean when I say I eat intuitively. Of course, every normal, happy, healthy eater’s day will look different. I am currently a work from home, breastfeeding Mama (read: flexi meal times and am extra hungry) so my day reflects that.

I don’t talk specifically about what foods I eat because I feel strongly that it’s not only about WHAT you eat, but how, why and what effect food has on your well-being as a whole. Plus, I would hate to think someone took what I ate as some kind of diet guide.

Here we go! (more…)

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