Normal Vs Normalized.


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What’s normal and what’s normalized are two very different things.

What has become normalized:

Deciding to quit sugar and then discussing with friends how bad you have been this weekend because you ate WAY more than you ‘should’ have. Obsessing and worrying about when and what to eat. Never knowing what is the right choice. Being ashamed of parts of your body. Having to ‘work off’ something you have eaten. Failing this diet and that diet. Falling off the wagon. Having to HAUL yourself back onto the wagon. Guilt. Embarrassment. Self-deprecation.

Just because something is common, doesn’t make it normal

What IS normal?

Finding it easy to choose the foods that you love and that help your body to thrive. Having vibrant health and radiant joy. Moving your body for pleasure, energy and enjoyment. Eating in accordance with the signals from your wise, wonderful body. Savoring and relishing what you eat. Having a food relationship that is nourishing and ease-full. Not having to worry or feel bad about when, how and what you ingest. Making choices that love and support your most vibrant self.

and that CAN be your normal.

Because underneath what has become normalized,

is the healthy, happy, intuitive eater and person you really are.

Much love,

Hannah May x

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