MY pleasure, joy and fulfillment is my most important priority as a Mother



(Photo courtesy of my daughter)

I can feel the slight blaspheme in that statement “What!? How could you make your OWN well being more important than your child’s?”

I firmly believe the the biggest gift we can give to our children is a happy and fulfilled parent.

We hear all the time how important it is to fill our own cup first in order to best serve others; to put our own oxygen mask first.

That it is only in our alignment with your highest and best self that we can really be of benefit to anyone.

And it is my intention to not just hear that and think “nice idea”, but to actually LIVE it.

There are a lot of aspects to this;

– Part of putting my pleasure first is doing things with my toddler that -I- want to do, not just purely for her benefit. Like today, we went on a beach walk and to one of my favourite cafes because -I- want to. I allowed my first thought to be, what would I like to do today?

– Part of MY pleasure is the pleasure that comes from ensuring I take my daughter to places where I don’t have to place a whole lot of rules and limits on her. Places where she has a large amount of freedom to explore and play. Places (and during times) that SHE is happy.

– Part of that is getting up early to journal and write and connect and align with my intentions and desires.

– Part of that is choosing to NOT attend playgroups or meet ups that I don’t want to go to.

– Part of that is leaving her crying with her loving and wonderful Father so I can go for a walk for the well being of my mind, soul and body.

– Part of that is the pleasure of choosing to come home early so I can experience the pleasure of comforting a sick child in my arms.

I don’t have this down perfectly, and never will. No such thing as perfect anyway.

But what I will continue to focus on is being an example to my daughter of a woman who does not feel she HAS to self-sacrifice in order to be deserving or worthy.

An example of a woman honors her own need and desires

An example of a person living in alignment with the knowing that they are powerful, capable and valuable.

And that means putting MY pleasure first.

Which is a gift to me. A gift to my child. A gift to my whole world.

Much love,

Hannah May x

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