Loving your flab isn’t positive body image.


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Having a positive body image is not about forcing yourself to love everything about your body. Or having bottomless confidence for bikini wearing. Or calling yourself curvy instead of fat. Not that there is anything wrong with doing those things, it just doesn’t encompass what body image is truly about.

Having a beneficial body image is about realising that your body is just that, an image. It is about seeing that your body is an expression of the configuration of cells and energy that make up the house for your soul.

Learning positive body image is learning to separate who you ARE from the image of your body.

It is about coming to know that:

You are not your body.

If you lose an arm, you are still you. The you who likes the smell of rain in the early morning. The you who cherished her childhood dog. The you who dreams and hopes, and feels and loves.

Likewise, if your body is bigger or smaller or leaner or stronger or paler or flabbier, you are still you.

That’s not to say your body is not important. Of course it is. It’s what enables you to experience your whole life!

It allows you to translate your soul’s passion for music into guitar strums and notes sung. It allows your soul to feel, smell, taste, see and hear the beauty (and the not so pretty parts) of the world.  Your body is the connection between you and the world.

Your body is the link.

But it is not you.

Your body is a form. It’s tangible and solid.

Who you are is not a form. Who you are is soul, or aliveness, or energy or a piece of God, or whatever you choose to call it. Who you are is intangible.

You can say “I am fat”.

And yes your body may be fat. Or, yes, you may believe that you are fat.

But you, the form-less, the spirit, the essence, cannot be fat.

Fat (and other such terms) is a description of a form but who you are is not form at all.

Who you are is not the size and shape of your frame.

Who you are, and who you can become is grander and profounder than your body can ever be.

And I find that endlessly liberating.

I hope you do to.

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