Light and Heart


Dear Husband suggested I write something lighthearted today; reminding me by doing so of my desire to be more light of heart. I can get quite bogged down in unnecessary seriousness at times. Thank goodness I have two little people and one big one to remind me to play, be easy (“easy mama” one says to me when I rush and tighten up) and have fun. I set the intention to do so.

And what a day full of light and heart it has been.

Woke early to spend time with said husband. Walked to the bakery alone for amazing bread. Had a picnic breakfast on the beach with the amazing bread. An ocean swim in the morning light. The best news from a fabulous friend who has magically manifested the man we dreamed up for her in my living room over tea and as a result of her beautiful self-awareness work, openness and focus on vitality and fun; my heart is filled with joy whenever I think about it. Laughing out loud at a TV show while my eldest laughs out loud with her friend next door. Joyful baby. Delicious lunch. Cuddles. Plans to connect with my awesome bro. Happy husband off catching fish. And it’s only just gone 5pm.

Deep appreciation for all of it.

Intention is powerful stuff.

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