Let go to move forward.


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When you try to change something in your life, do you go straight into action mode?

Looking at what you need to DO to eat better or get a better job or find a partner.

What you need to START in order to get what you want.

Googling what the right action steps are so you can achieve what you have decided you need in order to be happy.

As helpful as taking those steps may seem

If you are holding on to what’s not serving you, what you want can not come into your life.

Sure, you may be able to push and motivate yourself and make SOME head way towards your goals.

But it’s not so much about what you need to DO, as it is to know what you need to LET GO OF.

When your arms are too busy holding on for dear life to old behaviors or things or beliefs,

they aren’t able to turn and open.

To welcome and EMBRACE all that the universe is sending to you.

You see, your natural state, who you are at soul level IS happy. Is loved and loving. Is well. Is light. Is abundant.

When you can LET GO of what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck, you can return EASILY and naturally to your natural state.

And in that state, all the you desire comes easily and NATURALLY into your life.

Doesn’t ease and things coming naturally sound so much lovelier?

So much MORE how you would like life to be?

So much more ENJOYABLE?

And if you allow it, it CAN be that way.

But not while you are still latching on to how you SHOULD do something.

Or keeping a hold of what seems safer and easier.

Or focusing on doing more of what has gotten you to this point so far, because where are at ain’t terrible (but it isn’t great either, and you WANT great).

Or gripping tightly to the success you have achieved and all the hard work you have put in because it would be a WASTE to change course now. (Never mind the fact that you are wasting present and potential future right now)

Or because you kid yourself that you actually ENJOY eating or relating or living or working the way that you are. When really, underneath that, there is a quiet but nagging feeling telling you THIS ISN’T IT. A thought that pops up in the still moments asking you, is this all there is? Is this as good as it gets? (Hint: It’s not)

It does’t matter how much you do.

How many new habits you make.

How much new information you learn.

How many steps you implement.

If you are HOLDING ON to what’s HOLDING YOU BACK you back, you can’t move forward.

You tread water.

You stay stuck.

Everything you do take so much EFFORT.

Nothing seems to work long or work at ALL.

If you are feeling that way, I can guarantee there is something you need to let go of.

So if you are struggling to take steps forward.

Procrastinating like the best of them.

Doing the work but it feels hard and heavy.

Ask yourself what you need to let go of.

That if you were REALLY going all in and devoted to making this change, what would you need to stop holding onto?

What ideas. Or rules. Or visions of the future.

And if those things aren’t as important to you as the life you want for yourself.

Let them go.

When those thoughts come up, say to yourself, I’ve let this go.

Or it that’s feeling to false or too difficult,

Be willing.


Willingness is often all you need to loosen your grip.

Ease up on the reins.

Lighten the constriction.

Create space.


Set your self free.

And fly.

Much love,

Hannah May x

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