It’s OK to make it EASY to be happy.



It’s OK to make it easy on yourself. To let it be EASY to feel happy.

I know you are learning that can CHOOSE to be happy and you are practicing not NEEDING things to be a certain way in order to feel good.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t walk the easy path.

Doesn’t mean you can’t go for that swim or buy that thing or get that massage or say no to that social event or eat that food if it HELPS you to feel better.

You don’t have to just leave things as they ARE or do things you really don’t want to do because you think you SHOULD be able to just do them and make yourself feel happy no matter what.

TAKE THE EASY ROAD. Take the fun road. Take the pleasurable road.

Do what feels good! It’s OK! It’s OK to have preferences and things you DON’T like.

And it’s OK to choose to avoid those food or places or people or tasks that don’t lend to you feeling wonderful.

Of course, don’t KID YOURSELF that it’s the dress or the phone or the relationship or the different job or the superfood or the trip away that MAKES you feel amazing. That you MUST HAVE it in order to be happy.

Don’t TRAP YOURSELF into believing you NEED certain circumstances or objects to feel how you want to feel.

Don’t BE one of THOSE people who thinks they will be happy WHEN…..

But DO make choices that feel good to you.

DO what you prefer to do, what is easy, with the AWARENESS that this thing or person doesn’t ultimately control your emotions or your health or your happiness.

CHOOSE what is most fun and exciting with the CONSCIOUS KNOWING that you have a belief that says “Eating this/doing this/being here/seeing that person has a positive effect on my life” and that IT’S OK to have that belief and to roll with it. And that, if you really want to, you can alter and CHANGE that, or any, belief.

You don’t have to over complicate your joy or make it a struggle to feel good.

Do what feels amazing (and if you can’t do what you prefer for whatever reason, CHOOSE to think differently about it.)

Know you DESIRE it but don’t REQUIRE it.


Feeling good.


Any and every way you can.

Much love,

Hannah May.

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