It is NOT your action that creates what you want



It’s not your action that creates what you want. It is your STATE.

Will action be required? Yes. Will it be the CAUSE? No.

It is your STATE that is the key. It is your vibration, your mood, your energy, your mindset that attracts and allows what you desire. It is not your actions that are the cause of your outcomes and successes.

The action you take is a small, necessary part, not the reason for the result.

Actions are just the a little, obvious, middle step to be simply and easily completed.

Say your desired outcome is to light up a bulb via a lamp.

The action of turning on the switch isn’t the CAUSE of the light coming on. It kinds seems like it, but it is the electricity that flows though the lamp that CAUSES the light to illuminate.

Flicking the switch was mostly irreverent because the goal was to illuminate the light bulb and there are hundreds of possible options for doing that. You could get a lamp that doesn’t even have a switch. You could get a lamp with an automatic on/off switch on a timer. You could have a touch lamp where you tap the base to turn it on, no switching require.

It is not the ACTION that is the cause. It is the electricity, each and every time . It is your state, not your actions that creates, each and every time.

And yes, there is action to take. Something does need to happen in order to get your bulb to light up the way you wants, some steps do need to happen to have what it is you desire.

But it always has been and always will be the electricity that gets the job done. It always has been and always will be the vibration you are in that allows what it is you want. Many possible actions. Always one cause.

So, the question is, what are you doing to tap yourself into the flow of energy? What are you focusing on to get into the state, the vibration, the mood of what you desire?

Focus on that, and the action you are required to take will be the simple, obvious, natural, inspired steps that they are meant to be.

Much love,

Hannah May x

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