“If I can attract anything I want, I want HIM!”



When you are focused on only ONE option, it’s time to start asking some different questions…

I have had the same discussion come up multiple times now with a few clients (which must be reflecting something in me, but will get that point later.)

The conversation starts off with being asked if we can really create anything we desire.

Which of course we can.

But I can sense the (valid but) superficiality of this question a mile away; something deeper is going on.

The concept of being able to have whatever we want then turns to a particular person, that is, wanting to attract (or re-attract as the case often is) and keep a person in their lives with whom they desire a romantic relationship.

And as I said, that is not impossible, far from it.

However, when I probe and ask what the person REALLY wants, what they deeply, truly desire it is usually very simple, and beautiful I may add; They desire to love and to feel loved. To feel secure and adored. To feel connected. To have the joy and thrill of sharing their lives with another wonderful, kind, loving, happy human being. To sum it all up, to be really really happy.

And because they equate those feeling with being with a particular person, they conclude seemingly logically, that they NEED to be with that one person in order to fulfill that desire.

They forget, as we all do at time, as I certainly do often, what it is they really want. Happiness and love and joy remember?

They become fixated on there being one and only one path to what they desire.

Which in order to believe that there is only one path, a few things need to be assumed, such as:

– That there are not any other possible ideal, wonderful partners available to me. There is a shortage and lack of good men. And even if there WERE plenty of good men, there aren’t exactly lined up outside waiting for me. And anyway, I don’t have time to date and find these men.
– I have to focus on this one person because they are my best (and maybe only) shot
– No one else would love me
– There is no one better than them. They are perfect for me.
– It MUST be this person because they are here, I attracted them right?
– Because I can’t see any other options there must be none
– I need to focus on someone or something very very specific in order to attract it; so I pick them (although whenever I think about them, I can’t help noticing we aren’t together!)
– It’s either this person, or nothing. So I MUST have this person, because I definitely don’t want nothing.

And so on.

What these underlying thoughts highlight is a big feeling of LACK. Lack of great possible partners. Lack of being loveable. Lack of opportunities. Lack of other options. Lack of time etc.

Anytime there is a feeling of lack, we don’t feel good because those beliefs are in direct opposition to the truth that we know deep within us, the truth of the universe we live in, the truth that this is an abundance, limitless universe.

That at all times there are multiple options and paths available and being revealed to lead us to what we desire.

But when we are stuck in lack, we can’t see those paths.

Those other options can’t be manifested by us.

Which then further confirms our beliefs that there is no one else we could possibly have a fantastic, fulfilling, romantic relationship with.
It’s not that you can’t have whatever you desire

It’s that by focusing on only ONE possibility, you block other awesome means of your desire showing up in your life.

In focusing on the superficial want- ‘I want only him’ (from a place of lack which it almost ALWAYS comes from) we deny ourselves what is is we TRULY want.

Because love, happiness, joy, adoration, security, connection can NOT be attracted and manifested from the vibration of desperation, need, doubt, worry, scarcity and fear of ending up alone.

To move out of that scarcity we can ask ourselves, What if? This questions, a process recommend by Abraham-Hicks, opens our minds up to the possibility that there may be other paths for us.

What if this person was in my life to show me what I do and don’t want, do provide clarity from the contrast they have provided me?

What if this person was a fun part of my journey on the way to something better?

What if I really believed (what deep down my soul/inner being/higher-self) knows to be true, that there are many MANY wonderful potential partners available if only I allowed myself to consider the possibility?

What if someone even more ideal is just waiting for me but I can’t see them because I am too focused on one particular person?

What if this person IS the one of me but I can’t allow that into my life when I am stuck in lack and desperation and need?

What if I fully embraced, focused on, allowed myself to experience my ultimate desire NOW? What if my desire for a connection, love, appreciation, joy, happiness, fun, sensual pleasure became my main objective? What if I looked for ways, other than in a relationship, to feel that way right now? What if THAT was the key to attracting and ideal mate, being in that awesome feeling vibration? What if I allowed and chose to feel amazing now?

What if I deliberately picked thoughts and actions that caused me to love myself and my life so much and to be having so much fun that a relationship became simply the cherry atop an already glorious sundae?

What if? 😉

This just doesn’t just apply to relationships. As I said earlier, I can see how this concept is reflected in my own life, hence manifesting these conversation.

So often I envision my future reality and tell myself the only way the abundance I desire can occur is via me having a financially prosperous business; that that is the only viable option.

But who said anything about ‘viable’ options? This is an abundant, expansive, limitless universe. Not a universe limited to what the majority deem logical, safe, realistic or viable. Money and financial abundance can come in all SORTS of ways. Why limit myself? (and consequently place a whole lot of non-constructive pressure on myself? Really not helpful or amenable to the vibe I want and that will allow my desire in.)

The insistence that money must come through only one channel is a function is a lack mentality.

Same with careers. Same with health. Same with weight loss. Same with manifesting material processions (paying for something
is NOT the only way to acquire stuff). Same with everything.

There are numerous channels, avenues and paths to what we truly desire. Remembering that connects us to who we really are and allows those channels to be seen.

When repeating unhelpful, conditioned thoughts of lack, I open up my mind again with ‘What is?’

I encourage you to do the same.

Who knows what delicious, delightful, unexpected paths, will, as Abraham-Hicks says, light up at your feet.

Much love,

Hannah May x

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