I stay out too late *clap-clap, clap*


What would your future ideal self be doing everyday, EVERYDAY, because they want to?

What would they, almost never, miss a day of doing?

What activities would just BE them, be part of who they are, that they would do them without question?

How can you do those things now, the best that you can, with you have, from where you are? (Credit to author Mike Dooley for that line)

‘Cause a writers gotta write (write, write, write, write. Tay Tay. Anyone?). A listener’s gotta listen. A darn’ good advice giver’s gotta give darn good advice. A lover’s gotta love. A Mother’s gotta Mother. A reader’s gotta read. A signer’s gotta sing.

These things are part of who I am.

Today I did these things and it’s why I am here, writing, whilst the rest of my family sleeps.

It’s time for me to go all in,

being me.

P.S. Also gotta let my freak flag fly more. A friend today said they had been listening to (metaphysical and philosophical lecturer) Alan Watts and that they weren’t sure if I would find him a bit ‘out there’. Oh buddy, there is very little you could say that I would find weird.


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