I shook for an hour after I did it


I was brave today.

I took a stand on talk back radio.

They were talking about a topic related to something I am pretty passionate about, children’s rights. I overcame my people pleasing, conflict avoiding, don’t make any waves programming to speak my truth, challenge a destructive paradigm and advocate for those younger than I who can not do it for themselves. I had the shakes for an hour afterwards.

The radio host was discussing bullying and if it comes as a result from school or is it the parents fault or is it human behavior etc. I called in and discussed the concept that bullying is a learned behavior from what is considered mainstream and often good parenting. The vast majority of adults routinely dominate, disrespect and coerce children and our children learn from that modeled behavior.

If you are feeling open-minded and want to learn more, and I highly suggest you do, I love these blogs among many others:

There was a lot of back lash, much of which was ironically bully-ish, as to be expected. Parenting and children’s rights is a subject that deeply challenges people, our values as a society and pushes on all kinds of past wounding.

In the past I would have been particularly sensitive to that kind of criticism. I would have second guessed myself to a huge degree. But as I have allowed myself more and more to be OK with accepting what I know to be true and letting myself express what resonates deeply with me, the more I feel thick-skinned and calmly grounded in the face of resistance from others. The more I can change self-protection into understanding and compassion.

I was brave today. I think I am going to be a bit more brave a bit more often.

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