I appreciate


All that comes to mind to write about today is a list of what I appreciate today.

And that is more than enough. In fact, it’s everything.

I appreciate

Watching my daughter dance with her eyes closed as she feels the music and moves to it

Dinner with my family that had been cooking and smelling delicious all day


Meeting up with a wonderful friend

The blossoming opportunity of owning our first home

Excitement and sure-ness regarding life changes

My baby peacefully sleeping

Fridays; because I get my husband back home with me.

Free amazing attractions to go to

Books. Learning always.

Knowing about connection parenting and how to have a great relationship

My own level of self awareness and the new insights I have been having lately that are making such positive impacts on my life

My body changing without effort.

A clean and tidy space to live and play.

No rush. Ease. Flow. Allowing.

Feeling consistently better than I have in a long while

It feels like relief.

It feels like I am back. That momentum on the crap train has slowed to the point that I have jumped trains and am now picking up speed in the direction I want to go. There will be bumps in the tracks and detours.

I am learning to appreciate those too.

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