How I Manifested My Husband: 4 steps you can use to let in what you desire.


First date

I met my husband out of the blue. Through a series of synchronistic moments, we were brought together one night and have been together ever since.

Meeting Ben was easy and fun. It took no effort or TRYING to make it happen. It just unfolded perfectly. And our relationship continues to be full of love, fun and connection. He is (one of my) favourite manifestation stories.

The photo above is from one of our first dates

We often recount that evening and enjoy pondering all the different elements that needed to happen in order for us to meet. It’s mind boggling! Universal forces at work for sure.

People have asked me how I was able to meet someone so simply. What was it that I did that allowed what I desired to just SHOW UP in my life.

So I took the time to look back and reflect on what I did that helped me to manifest my wonderful man.


I had an inner knowing that I would one day be happily married to a fantastic guy. It’s what I wanted and I TRUSTED that someway, somehow, it would happen.

Now, this trust and knowing wasn’t always super strong. There were periods of my life when my belief swayed and lessened. But I was swift in not letting my head entertain thoughts about being unlovable or that I would wind up lonely. I would shake those thoughts off and remind myself that I believed what I desired would come about


Funny aspect of this manifestation story; Prior to meeting Ben, I made a conscious choice in my head that I was going to be single for a while. I vividly remember thinking to myself “That’s IT. I am not getting involved with any guys AT ALL right now. I am going to be VERY single”.

I felt so content with that decision. I was so AT PEACE with the idea of NOT being in a relationship. I totally let go of the idea of meeting anyone and choose to be totally OK as I was.

12 hours later (!!!), I met Ben. Obviously the universe had bigger plans for me that aligned with what I truly wanted (a happy, loving relationship).

This showed me the POWER of releasing the NEED for your desires to manifest and making absolute peace with what is happening in your life as it stands, even if its not exactly how you would prefer it to be. You can be totally accepting of how things are AND be looking forward to them changing.


I made a point of enjoying my life as it was. I was deliberate in ensuring I wasn’t putting my life, or my happiness, on hold in any way. I wasn’t WAITING for the relationship to happen in order to feel good. I got myself feeling good first.

I planned trips, spent heaps of time with fabulous friends, took part in activities I loved. I made the choice to feel happy, fun, excited and loving. I showed myself that I didn’t NEED a relationship in order to feel amazing. I desired a partner, but I didn’t REQUIRE one.

I got myself into that good feeling vibrational state often and on purpose. And because I was on the wavelength of love and joy, I naturally attracted into my external life a relationship that reflected how I was feeling internally.


When it felt easy and fun to go meet my friend for a drink, I did. When it felt right to stay for a while longer and cancel my dinner plans, I did. When I was asked by a man I had just met to slow dance with him to U2 in the middle of the bar even though it seemed a little embarrassing, I did because I couldn’t ignore the intuitive impulse that told me to say YES.

I followed by inner guidance. I went with the inspired impulses that came to me. Not to make anything happen, but because it felt good and right and natural. And course, it all worked out wonderfully because of it.

That’s it! These steps may seem simple but the way Law of Attraction work IS simple. You get what you vibrate. You get what you BELIEVE you will. You manifest that which you DESIRE but don’t REQUIRE.

These four steps aren’t just for manifesting a relationship, they are steps to creating ANYTHING you desire in life.

And not only do they bring you to what you are wanting, but they allow you to have fun all along the way.

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