Follow your bliss? How is that meant to work???



“Follow your bliss. The universe knows what you want, it’s done. You don’t need to worry about the how. Just follow your bliss. Do what you love. Do what feels good now.”

Standard law of attraction advice. I say all these things myself in one way or another. And they are true.

I can hear the reply. I hear it in my own head often too:

What?! How the hell is this ‘bliss’ following I am meant to be doing gonna lead to the career/relationship/money/body that I want?! I need to get to work!

I know in our action based world with it’s logical steps and how-to books, it can be hard to see how doing what you love and what feels good now gets you to where you want to go. It is unclear from a ‘I need to push push push work work work to get anything worth while’ standpoint how good fun leads to awesome goals.

To see how the focus on feeling better now leads to the future you envision for yourself.

That’s because in those instances, we are trying to link actions with outcomes. When in actuality, this is a VIBRATIONAL world that we live in, not a purely action based one. It’s all about the energy behind the actions we are taking, or not taking, that determines what it is that we attract into our lives.

It is our energy state that creates, not just action.

When you hear the advice at the beginning of this post, it is not obvious what connects current action and future events.

Because the link is more subtle to your practical, logic based conditioning.

The link is the EMOTION. The VIBRATION. The wavelength that action and outcome are both on.

And the vibration, the feeling, the wavelength of what you want and what you are doing now, needs to match in order for what you desire to occur in your life.

Say the you can imagine that what you want to achieve will make you feel free, excited, eager, happy or similar (all very positive feeling emotions), then the actions you are take need to ALSO assist you in feeling enthusiastic or interested or inspired or blissful right now. That is, what you do needs to create within your similar or the same emotions you would feel when you reach your goal.

Because of law of attraction, like attracting like, whatever vibration you are in currently is what you attract more of. You attract ideas, impulses, events etc. that are on the same or a very similar wavelength to how you are feeling. The more you are doing what you love, following your bliss and all that fun stuff, the more you will attract what you love and what brings you bliss (such as that big wonderful goal you say you want to achieve 😉 )

THAT is the link. THAT is how your focus and instance on doing what feels good now will lead to what you desire.

And on the flip side of that, taking steps that feel awful or like deprivation or are a strain or feel the way of I-really-don’t-want-to-do-this-but-I-have-to-to-get-what-I-want, those steps are NOT a match to what it is that you desire. You can not ultimately get to your goal because what you are doing in the present is NOT the way you envision you will feel when your goal is achieved. There is a mismatch. When there is a mismatch, what you desire can not be realized by you.

But what if there isn’t anything right now that feels blissful? What if I don’t even know what to do that feels good? That’s all right too. It is not usually possible or comfortable to jump from feeling down or unsure all the way to bliss.

You can however (in your totally valid and acceptable) here and now, find a thought or action that steers you towards feeling the way you would feel were you to have your ultimate desire. You only need turn and head in the direction of the vibration of what you want. Be on the path of it. You only need aim to feel a tiny bit better, a wee bit more soothed or relieved than what you do right now.

Where ever you are is A-OK. Where ever you are is a part of your journey. How do I know? Because you’re there! The present always instantly becomes the past as a new ‘now’ takes over. Therefore where you are right now, emotionally or physically or in terms of career or relationships or money or whatever, is a part of the path you are on. Where you are is totally fine in the grand scheme of things. There is no where you can’t go from where you are.

And even if you never ‘went’ anywhere (which is a misnomer anyway seen as there IS only HERE. I digress…), even if you never changed at all and everything stayed exactly the same, you are still wonderful, lovable and loved, worthy, deserving and good good good.

Now back to the follow your bliss stuff. Yes there will be times where doing what feels good seems silly or frivolous . There will be times when you wonder how all this fun you are having can be beneficial in the long run (our conditioning LOVES to make us believe that goods thing only come from hard, self sacrificing work). There will be times when you wonder how on earth this could possibly lead to that. But you always have feedback to tell you is you are heading in the direction of your desire. You will will be able to know if you are on your way to getting onto the wavelength of what you want because you can always tell how something feels to you, what the vibe is.

Even if it’s just a subtle sense of “Option B feels slightly better than that option A even though I can’t explain why and even though option A seems like the more logical choice.” My advice: choose Option B!

Choose to go in the direction of how your dreams feels.

And the more and more you reach for and achieve the feeling of your desire,

the more and more you hook into what links your here and now with with your soon to be achieved dream,

the less of a dream and the more of a reality it becomes.

Much love,

Hannah May x

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