Flow and Overflow


Yesterday I set the intention for more flow and woke with that word on my mind. What a splendid day it was. The flow is magic. Being easy and flexible about things. Flowing around the blocks of resistance as well as slowly dissolving them away, the way water does, with persistent running up against them (with awareness and openness to change). Persistent, haha, it’s only been a day of flow being a more concerted focus. However, I will take my wins when I make em. Go me!

There are a few books I feel ‘ought to be handed out to every new parent (and possibly to everyone in general), this new to me book I am reading is one of them.


Am not even half way through it and it is clear, powerful and an utterly important concept and practice. I am getting a lot out of it even aside from the parenting aspect; the analogy that we have a cup inside that fills up with hurts (shame, disappointments, anger etc) and when it is full it has to spill out some way. And that we as adults tend to be expert hurt holders.

I had a big revelation lately as to why I had been feeling so tumultuous in my emotions. I let that big old cup get topped up and up, pretending, subconsciously mind you, that it’s not and then wondering why I go from feeling seemingly happy to very down all of a sudden, overflow! I was skipping all the parts in the middle for various reasons, suppressing all the different stages of full cup-ness until it was too much. Awareness: check! Conscious exploration of this: Check! Strategies coming into place to change this pattern: Check! And all very ongoing.

It’s always all very ongoing.





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