Don’t try to feel better


A quick one while the opening credits are rolling. My children went to bed early and I get to do something I very rarely get to do, watch a film!

A note to self/ a tip:

Don’t try to feel better.

Got into a negative mood today, Instead of trying to make myself feel better or sink deeper and start a fresh tomorrow, I did nothing.

I didn’t try to feel better. I didn’t try to fix it. I didn’t try to fix me. I let the feeling be.

Because when there is a lot of momentum going, when I am all ready in the emotion, the acts of trying to feel better just puts more attention on the fact that I don’t feel good. When I would try to do different things I would constantly monitor my progress “Am I feeling better yet?” and felt worse when it wasn’t working and annoyed that I can’t be more unconditional in how I feel.

Trying to improve my mood is more resistance to how I am currently feeling. And, you’ve heard it before, what you resists persists.

So I left it. I softened into it. And it changed on its own. Revolutionary for me.

Try not trying. You are allowed to feel how you feel. Validate yo’ self.

That’s it. Now if you will excuse me…

I have a movie date with Christian Grey.

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