Don’t just focus on the goal. Focus on the process.


In this attractio based univsese

It’s not just about what goal you desire to achieve,

but what process you desire to achieve that goal.

Take a goal of wanting to have a healthier diet and a good feeling body.

You could…

Eat foods you don’t like but heard are good for you. Go to the gym 6 days a week no matter what! Deprive yourself of meals that you would love to have eaten. Motivate yourself with Pinterest boards filled with images of other woman’s bodies that make you feel bad about your own. Eat only when you are STARVING. Eat when you don’t feel like it but knock back a snack in order to increase your metabolism. Practice constant vigilance about what is in this food and that dish. Put in the short term pain and restriction for the long term benefits. Work hard. Pay your dues. Struggle. Strive.

Is that the journey you desire?

Knowing that what you focus on expands, can you REALLY achieve the vibrant health and good feeling body you want by doing that which DOESN’T feel either vibrant or good?

What if as well as wanting a better feeling body and nourishing diet, you also desired:

Eating foods with relish and pleasure. Savoring meals that you love. Preparing foods in ways that bring you joy. Having fun as your move and use your body. Adoring yourself as you are now. Showering yourself with praise and affection. Not worrying about what you will or can’t eat but instead trusting in your magnificent body and allowing yourself to flow with and follow that feels great to you. Have ease around food. Deep satisfaction in what you eat and how you move. Feeling calm and connected. Choosing what nourishes you on all the levels of your being.

Same goal. Two very different processes.

One path MAY get you to where you want to be but will require ONGOING worry and vigilance to keep you there. Which in actuality, feels neither healthy or good (what was the goal again?)

The other; a path of joy and pleasure and satisfaction and well-being,

can only beget MORE of that.

So what path do you desire to follow?

Because in this attraction based universe,

the essence of the means and the end are one and the same.

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