Do you have it all backwards? (Most people do)


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What do you desire?

Why do you want it?

To feel good right? Or successful. Or loved. Or beautiful. Or happy. Or Fulfilled.

Or any other emotion synonymous with feeling good.

This is an attraction based universe and EVERYTHING is energy. Everything responds to the energy state you are in. Which wavelength you are on.

Whatever emotions you are feeling predominately, (which indicates which energy wavelength you are on most of the time) is what you get more of in life.

Feeling fantastic, abundant, radiant, excited, blissful are all on the same wavelength. Feel like that, you get more of it.

Powerless, afraid, lack-full, disheartened, shame, guilt, overwhelmed, struggle: different wavelength. Whole different set of circumstances you are attracting.

You get more of whatever wavelength you are on.

Which means,

You can only get to happy from happy.

“You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.” – Abraham Hicks


You can only get what you desire from a place of FEELING how having that desire FEELS.

Almost everyone has it backwards.

They believe they have to pay their dues, do the hard yards, struggle, push through, make it work, effort, keep motivated and push push push.

That happiness is the reward you get at the end of a hard journey

And that’s why almost no one is living the purpose filled, amazing, prosperous, joyous life they desire.

They’ve got it all the wrong way around.

Happy is the MEANS

Feeling good is the KEY.

Joy is the WAY to all you desire.

You need to find a way to lean towards feeling good NOW.

No matter the circumstances. You have to change how you feel FIRST, on the inside, before your outside world can change.

There are numerous tools and ways you can do that.

Gratitude, visualization, picking thoughts that feel a little more calming, focusing on what is going well, daydreaming, soothing yourself with gentle words, anything, ANYTHING that makes you feel a little better in this moment and the next and the next and the next.

You can do that now.

You have that power.

You don’t have to be one of the ones how has it backwards.

YOU can get yourself heading in the direction of feeling better, and onto the wavelength of what you desire, anytime.

And not only will you feel better now (and now is really all there is)

but you will allow MORE into your life to feel magnificent about.

That’s how it works baby.

Now work it. 

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