Did you binge eat today? Read this…


Underwater woman

You are OK.

You may be feeling hopeless or ashamed, angry or guilty, sad or disappointed.

Remember that deep down, underneath all those feelings, you are human. A person. A woman (or a man).

By binge eating you were only trying look after the physical, mental or emotional parts of yourself the easiest and fastest way you could. And that is OK.

You feel you ate too much food. It’s done now. That time has passed. Now is the time to be gentle and to be kind.

Scolding yourself cannot ultimately serve a positive purpose, because it is not a positive action.

Treat yourself like you would a child who made a mistake; with acknowledgement, reassurance and encouragement to try again in a different way.

You binged possibly because you were feeling restricted and you needed release. That is normal. It does not make you a bad or unworthy.

Maybe you were experiencing an emotion or situation that didn’t make you feel good. So you ate to push it down or away. You were just trying to care for you the best way your know how. That does not make you a hopeless or unmotivated.

This is not a failure. You are not a failure.

Feeling the need to binge eat is a sign. A red flag. It is a signal that something in your life is not sitting well with you. You can learn to see your need to binge eat as a prompt.

It beckons you to pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling. By picking up on these clues, you are shown what you could change in order to grow and become you best-self living your best-life.

You are not broken.

You are just doing the best you can.

Be kind.

Be gentle.

It will be OK.

All my love,

Hannah May

Fabulous photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ifindkarma/8436081293/

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