Choose your shit sandwich


It’s going to be hard anyway.

You are going to have rough moments. Moments of doubt and uncertainty. Or if not those, you are going to have moments of regret and dread and that sad-soul feeling of just not doing what you really feel you could have (and deeply desire to).

Whatever those moments are, the negative ones you don’t want to experience, you are going to have them either way. Whether you take the ‘safe’ path or the adventurous one. The one well worn or the one your forge.

The contrast is still going to show up in some form. There to wake you up or to throw the positive experiences into sharp relief that makes the joy more joyful. There are going to be challenges, large expenditures of energy and time spent.

The years are going to pass anyway.

There is no avoiding emotions that wring out heart stings, punch you in the solar plexus form the inside, make your heart race or eyes whites show.

All that’s going to happen in some form anyway.

So might as well go after something that’s worth it.

Might as well go for what makes your deepest depths resonate and vibrate with truth, purpose and that quiet, confident and sure, YES.

Might as well go after the dream that is furthermost extension of your wildest imagination.

Because although we will have difficult times no matter what, we can choose which ones we are willing to experience.

And I choose being afraid, uncertain and misunderstood,

over regret, fulfillment and that particular kind of loss,

that comes from not even really trying.

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