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Body Trust and Energy Levels: An Interview with Zoe Foster


I had the pleasure of talking to life alchemist Zoe Foster from Raw Yoga UK last week about how we can learn to trust our bodies, reduce emotional eating and harness our energy to create happy, healthy lives. Zoe also shares her amazing recovery story from chronic illness that is both shocking and inspiring. Check it out!


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A day in the life of an intuitive eater…me


So you know what intuitive eating is, but are not sure how it would actually look on a day-to-day basis? I kept track of how I ate for a whole day to give you an example of what I mean when I say I eat intuitively. Of course, every normal, happy, healthy eater’s day will look different. I am currently a work from home, breastfeeding Mama (read: flexi meal times and am extra hungry) so my day reflects that.

I don’t talk specifically about what foods I eat because I feel strongly that it’s not only about WHAT you eat, but how, why and what effect food has on your well-being as a whole. Plus, I would hate to think someone took what I ate as some kind of diet guide.

Here we go! (more…)

What on earth IS intuitive eating?


Dandeline Sunset

When people ask what I do and I reply that I’m an Intuitive Eating Coach/Mentor, I usually get a variation of this response “Uh huh……what’s that?”

When most people hear the term Intuitive Eating they usually assume it’s either a weight loss program or some weird psychic, woo woo thing.

So I wanted to share with you today my definitions and explanations of what intuitive eating is to me both personally and professionally. Here are my 6 things intuitive eating is, and 3 things it ain’t…


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Diet’s Don’t Work! <===== Why I didn't write this post


Lady at Dusk Unsplash

I originally started this as a DIET DON’T WORK post. It had me convincing you with research and strong words how diet’s actually CAUSE weight gain and more often than not, are detrimental to your emotional, mental and, yes, physical health.

That post was to be an online version of me grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking you  until you got it. Until it sunk in that the way you are constantly trying to lose weight is not only ultimately ineffective, it’s very potentially doing you harm. That post was me shouting from the internet roof tops, hoping you would hear the diet’s-don’t-work message above the siren songs of “Drop 10 pounds fast” and “this isn’t a diet, it’s a life-style change.”

But it didn’t feel right. I am not much of a confrontational shoulder shaker.

It felt like that post would only scratch the surface of what I wanted to share. Yes, diet’s don’t work, when by work you mean enable you to lose weight, keep it off and do so without almost always worrying about how this food or skipped workout would change your weight. But that wasn’t the whole story. Nothing ever is. It would have been a good first step, but it doesn’t tell you what I really want to tell you.

Instead of yelling at you in a (written) frenzy, trying to force your brain to process information it doesn’t really want to hear. What I really want to do is this:


What if you didn’t have to diet anymore?


Blonde in field

What if you took at all the time, energy, money, mental space and hours of your one life that you spend focused on losing weight/not putting on weight/trying to fix your body/make it better and you instead focused it on what makes you HAPPY, what brings you JOY, what lights up your life, what makes you feel AMAZING? (more…)

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The Distraction Diet


wonder woman(Photo Credit)

My mood was a bit off. My day to day was feeling very day-to-day. I felt stagnant. Then the idea popped into my mind: I really need to cut out sugar. And grains. I am eating far too much of those delicious devils.

The old thoughts and habits began to slink back in. I started restricting myself. I worried about how I could l possibly find the will power to forever forgo sugar. I scrolled my brain cell catalog for tips and tricks to make it easier.

I figured I needed a good reason to keep me motivated. So I pondered, what do I want to gain from eating sugar free? To drop some weight? To get healthier?

But I was already happy with my health and my weight. So what did I want? And then I realized. (more…)

What the Diet Police don’t want you to know


Diet police

Photo: Source

The diet police may be your well meaning colleague. Or the rules of your new diet. Or the beliefs you have about what foods are good and what foods are bad bad bad. Or anyone or anything else (you own thoughts included) that makes you feel wrong or naughty for what you eat.

And the diet police wont tell you this. But I will: (more…)

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Spending time worrying about your weight? How much is too much?


clock with woman

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How much time do you spend on working on your body?

You could probably make a fairly accurate guess as to how many hours and minutes you spend exercising. Or how long it takes for you to prepare your food each day.

It may seem a reasonable and necessary amount.

But how about how much time you spend thinking, or more likely, worrying, about your weight and what you eat? A few minutes every hour? For a good half hour before and after each meal? Almost all the time?

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The secret to staying motivated


scale help   Photo: Source

One of the questions I get asked most frequently about how to get hot and healthy is:

How can I stay motivated?

Motivation is a slippery little sucker. Hard to hold onto. We think that if we could just figure out how to keep it around, losing weight and getting healthy would finally be easy. Motivation comes on hard and fast to begin with but always drains slowly away (or in a hurry when the Saturday afternoon munchies fold to a cheese platter).

What’s the secret to making it stay? What’s the ultimate tip to keep yourself on a motivation high? (more…)

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