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Becoming a Courtesan of Life



Obsessed at the moment with the idea of being a Courtesan of Life!

This playful, self assured, adoring, sassy, intelligent energy that is deeply magnetizing..

The idea of being a lover of life. A flirtatious, lighthearted and also fierce and powerful being that life just can’t resist!

Where life/the universe/source is tripping over itself to shower you with jewels and kisses and other delights.

Because life always is, so it’s more a matter of embodying the energy state of one who is thrilled and feels deserving and adorable enough to receive it’s gifts in full.

Being a Courtesan of Life is about having such a marvelous time that the treasures from the universe manifesting around you are just a generous frosting on top of a superb and perfect as it is cake. And you are delighted and deeply appreciative to be blessed with such delicious offerings, and you savour and enjoy them deeply, but they are not at all necessary for it is YOU that brings the joy and pleasure and sense of deep knowing and satisfaction with you every where you go.


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What are your prioritizing over your own alignment?


Wanna see the video version of this post? Watch it HERE

What are your prioritizing over your own alignment?

What are you making more important than your vibrational state/how you feel?

Congruency between what you believe to be right and true and the way you are choosing to live your life; what you think, focus on and do is necessary for alignment.

If you believe and known to be true that vibration/energy/mindset is the biggest factor in what you attract and the reality you create but you don’t actually PUT that as your first priority…you create misalignment.

And doing so holds apart from you the fantastic way you desire to feel and the physical manifestations of what you want.

How different would you life be if you cared about how you felt more than anything else???

Much love,

Hannah May x

P.s. Wanna walk your talk? Come join us for free in the Living Alignment Facebook group where we, an awesome group of deliberate, focused creators, put knowledge into practice so we can live our lives with fun, ease and big magic!

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Peek into the conversations I have with clients…..



From OVERWHELMED with trying to balance career and life and ready to throw it all in


I have the BEST(!) conversations with my client’s
There is no time when I feel more clear, more inspired, more tapped in and guided and can feel that the words and ideas are flowing from source THROUGH me (instead of from me) then when I am deep in a connected, open and transformational conversation with someone who is willing, open and ready to receive it and change.
My best stuff, my most powerful, aligned, GREAT feeling message comes out in those convos. And I often think, Man! (woman?) if only others could hear what we are talking about, if only I could publish this conversation!
I have the same or very similar conversations with multiple people and what we discuss can always be applied to all sorts of different situations, so I know others would benefit from hearing what is being shared.
Then I thought, well, why don’t I!? Why not share what we talk about?
So today, that is what I am doing. Here goes….


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It is NOT your action that creates what you want



It’s not your action that creates what you want. It is your STATE.

Will action be required? Yes. Will it be the CAUSE? No.

It is your STATE that is the key. It is your vibration, your mood, your energy, your mindset that attracts and allows what you desire. It is not your actions that are the cause of your outcomes and successes.

The action you take is a small, necessary part, not the reason for the result.

Actions are just the a little, obvious, middle step to be simply and easily completed.

Say your desired outcome is to light up a bulb via a lamp.

The action of turning on the switch isn’t the CAUSE of the light coming on. It kinds seems like it, but it is the electricity that flows though the lamp that CAUSES the light to illuminate.

Flicking the switch was mostly irreverent because the goal was to illuminate the light bulb and there are hundreds of possible options for doing that. You could get a lamp that doesn’t even have a switch. You could get a lamp with an automatic on/off switch on a timer. You could have a touch lamp where you tap the base to turn it on, no switching require.

It is not the ACTION that is the cause. It is the electricity, each and every time . It is your state, not your actions that creates, each and every time.

And yes, there is action to take. Something does need to happen in order to get your bulb to light up the way you wants, some steps do need to happen to have what it is you desire.

But it always has been and always will be the electricity that gets the job done. It always has been and always will be the vibration you are in that allows what it is you want. Many possible actions. Always one cause.

So, the question is, what are you doing to tap yourself into the flow of energy? What are you focusing on to get into the state, the vibration, the mood of what you desire?

Focus on that, and the action you are required to take will be the simple, obvious, natural, inspired steps that they are meant to be.

Much love,

Hannah May x

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What is the personality you embody when you are being your best self?


Who do you become when you are feeling at your absolute best?

Who are you when you are in alignment with your best, highest, fullest self?

For me, when I am being the fullest version of me, I am feel powerful and sure. Lighthearted and playful. Flirty and fun. I am focused on pleasure and the magic in life.

I feel like a sourceress, a courtesan of life, intelligent, capable, deeply loving, adoring and playful.

I can sense who she is, this ideal version of me.

The version of me who I have expanded to become.
Who is the true me if I am willing to let her out. To allow her to shine through. (more…)

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MY pleasure, joy and fulfillment is my most important priority as a Mother



(Photo courtesy of my daughter)

I can feel the slight blaspheme in that statement “What!? How could you make your OWN well being more important than your child’s?”

I firmly believe the the biggest gift we can give to our children is a happy and fulfilled parent.

We hear all the time how important it is to fill our own cup first in order to best serve others; to put our own oxygen mask first.

That it is only in our alignment with your highest and best self that we can really be of benefit to anyone.

And it is my intention to not just hear that and think “nice idea”, but to actually LIVE it.

There are a lot of aspects to this;

– Part of putting my pleasure first is doing things with my toddler that -I- want to do, not just purely for her benefit. Like today, we went on a beach walk and to one of my favourite cafes because -I- want to. I allowed my first thought to be, what would I like to do today?

– Part of MY pleasure is the pleasure that comes from ensuring I take my daughter to places where I don’t have to place a whole lot of rules and limits on her. Places where she has a large amount of freedom to explore and play. Places (and during times) that SHE is happy.

– Part of that is getting up early to journal and write and connect and align with my intentions and desires.

– Part of that is choosing to NOT attend playgroups or meet ups that I don’t want to go to.

– Part of that is leaving her crying with her loving and wonderful Father so I can go for a walk for the well being of my mind, soul and body.

– Part of that is the pleasure of choosing to come home early so I can experience the pleasure of comforting a sick child in my arms.

I don’t have this down perfectly, and never will. No such thing as perfect anyway.

But what I will continue to focus on is being an example to my daughter of a woman who does not feel she HAS to self-sacrifice in order to be deserving or worthy.

An example of a woman honors her own need and desires

An example of a person living in alignment with the knowing that they are powerful, capable and valuable.

And that means putting MY pleasure first.

Which is a gift to me. A gift to my child. A gift to my whole world.

Much love,

Hannah May x

P.S. Over on the free Living Alignment Facebook group we are a group dedicated to walking our talk and practicing what we preach, for fun, joy and deep life fulfillment. Come join us HERE

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Follow your bliss? How is that meant to work???



“Follow your bliss. The universe knows what you want, it’s done. You don’t need to worry about the how. Just follow your bliss. Do what you love. Do what feels good now.”

Standard law of attraction advice. I say all these things myself in one way or another. And they are true.

I can hear the reply. I hear it in my own head often too:

What?! How the hell is this ‘bliss’ following I am meant to be doing gonna lead to the career/relationship/money/body that I want?! I need to get to work!

I know in our action based world with it’s logical steps and how-to books, it can be hard to see how doing what you love and what feels good now gets you to where you want to go. It is unclear from a ‘I need to push push push work work work to get anything worth while’ standpoint how good fun leads to awesome goals. (more…)

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You are MAGIC




You are magic.

You are powerful.

You have universal energies at your back. Fully supporting you. Fully loving you.

It is FUN playing with magic.

It is so meant to be fun!

Being here.

Being you.

Being all that you are.

In the moment. Having source flow through you.
Molding the energy.

Focusing your focus.

Hocusing your pocus 😉

Whatever you desire is done.

Boom! Done! Magic!

You are that important.

You are that wonderful.

You are that magic.

Magic feels easy. And playful. And passionate. And fun. And simple. And joyous. And lighthearted.

And when you feel that way too,

When you feel that life is magic,

Life IS magic.

Because that’s who you are.

That’s who you are here to be

Fun. Easy. Satisfying. Delicious.


Who said you have to DEPRIVE and STRUGGLE to get what you want?! You can have the goodies NOW

Was thinking about what the tangible results are from the work I do with people. How to describe what is so very beneficial about the principles and law of attraction teachings I work with.
Sure people lose weight, get healthier, receive more money, improve relationships and so on. And that is what I guess people come looking to manifest and create in their lives when they start; they come wanting to achieve a big end goal.
We are told and led to believe that to achieve such goals, we need to do things we don’t want to do to get there. That the prize comes at the end. That there is some necessary deprivation and struggle and hard no-fun work to be done to get there.
But what I guide you to, what you discover for yourself, is that you don’t to have an unhappy journey to get to what you want.


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NEWSFLASH: You are where you are. Might as well enjoy it. <== in fact you need to for anything to really change



Today, I found such relief in the knowing that what is happening right here, right now is temporary. Not only temporary but an essential part of my journey to where I want to be and what I want to do in life.

Where you are right now is an essential part of your journey.

How do I know it is essential? Because it’s HAPPENING. I am living it. It must be a step on my journey because I am where I am and there is no going back and eliminating this step, my CURRENT step on my path. It’s here. That moment has passed now, so it’s a part of my journey. Oh and here is a new moment. Woop, that one just passed too. Therefore that was another step on my path. YOUR LIFE RIGHT HERE AND NOW IS A PERFECT AND NECESSARY STEP ON YOUR PATH. All is well. You are not off track.

Where you are right now is temporary

Where I am is part of my journey. And where I am is also TEMPORARY. Nothing in our lives is forever. Each and every thing is temporary and is in fact, constantly changing (it just often changes to something very similar until we change our internal state enough to create external changes we can easily recognize as different. Parallel realities and physics people. Google multiverse if you are so inclined).

So I asked myself, if where I am is temporary and necessary and OK and just IS what it IS AND I know that what I desire is not only possible but a DONE DEAL vibrationally (Yo! The universe knows what you want and has that all done and sorted for you)…

Knowing all that, What would I do?

Well, I would chill for one. Secondly, because its temporary (and it’s HAPPENING whether I want it or not), I might as well just enjoy it as it is right now.

Like being on an airplane on the way to a holiday destination. Now, I don’t really like to fly. It’s OK but I would defiantly prefer to skip the plane bit and be teleported instead (haven’t quite managed to manifest that ability yet 😉). I do however accept it as a necessary and temporary part of my journey. And so I do my best to make the most of it. To focus on what I DO enjoy. The being able to sit back and do nothing. Read a book. Daydream. I appreciate my journey being taken care of as I relax and allow myself to be carried across the sky.

Making the most of where you are is key

And that is the KEY. Making the MOST of where you are right now. Meaning, feel the best you can feel in your here and now moment. And no, that is not just some a nice sounding sentiment, it is SUPER important, 1. Because it feels better to do so (and all we really want it to feel good in our lives) and 2. because how you feel is what CREATES your life.

You see, if you don’t make the most of your now moment, if you don’t deliberately alter your emotional state, that is your vibrational state, towards what you prefer it to be INDEPENDENTLY of this temporary and necessary circumstance, nothing can change.

Your life reflects your internal state

Your life is a REFLECTION of your internal state. So whatever you are feeling in response to your here and now is what you are attracting and allowing more of into your life. You’ve GOT to make the most of where you are in order for where you are to shift and change to what you PREFER it to be.

And you always have a choice. You can hate the plane trip, or you can enjoy it a little more. And sure, liking the plane ride doesn’t mean you will magically manifest being at your chosen destination instantly, but it DOES positively impact what happens on the rest of your journey to the degree that you can shift and maintain your positive feeling emotion.

I find KNOWING that the situation is temporary and OK (as it is obviously a necessary part of my journey) is enough to start shifting any negative feeling I have about my current life in the direction of feeling good.

Where you are is merely a reflection of your past thoughts.

Knowing that I am still on my path and that my here and now is simply a reflection of my past thoughts, beliefs and vibrational state and need not impact, or be an indication of, what I am manifesting in the future, feels good.

These ideas are soothing to me. They help me shift towards a state of being that benefits me not only right now, but in a multitude of ways in my future as my life circumstances reflect how I am feeling.

So to recap, and message summed up for you:

Where you are is OK.
Your current circumstance is TEMPORARY.
You are not off your path.
You are where you are.
It WILL change.
Do the best you can to make the most of it and feel a little better right now.
You are doing so very well.

Much love,

Hannah May x

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