Beware Vision Board Backfire: Is your manifesting technique working against you?


Vision Board

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“Create a vision board”

It’s standard manifesting advice:

Grab a big bit of card or a Pinterest board and stick on pics of everything you want. Then focus on it and they will happen!

Now, I think vision boards are fantastic WHEN they are used in the right way. 

BUT when you use them in the wrong way, all the focusing and attention you are giving your collage of dream images can backfire.

It can block what you DO want to happen and it can lead to you bringing more of what you DON’T want into your life. 

To assess if your vision board is helping or hindering:

Pay attention to how you feel when you look at your vision board

Do you feel excited?

Do you feel certain that these things are not only possible but they are all-ready created and are coming TO you?

Are you loving how great it feels RIGHT NOW to think about these things, so much so that realize you don’t NEED them to feel amazing (but it will be nice when they arrive too)?

Do you have absolute faith and trust that whats on your vision board is a done deal and you  EXPECT them to come into your life?

If so, fabulous! Your vision board is doing a perfect job reminding you of what IS coming and invoking those exhilarating positive feelings within you.

OR (and it’s big or)

Do you feel a little disheartened looking at what you want but haven’t gotten yet?

Does it make you wonder if you will EVER be able to have those things?

Do you feel like the people, objects and situations on your board represent a lovely fantasy but deep down, not one you will ever have?

Does it make you question if this whole abundant universe/manifesting stuff even works because WHERE IS MY STUFF?!?


It’s backfiring!

The idea of a vision board is to make you FEEL GOOD.

To raise you vibration to the level that you can ALLOW the items on your board to manifest.

It is supposed to be a visual representation of what is ALL READY created energetically for you and to be fun and satisfying to gaze at an image that is in-sync with the inner knowledge you have that all those things are possible and are coming.

If you vision board is making you feel LESS of all the positive sensations it is meant to elicit, you are better off doing something else.

What else?

Anything that DOES make you feel excited. Or joyful. Or satisfied. Or happy.

Or any other emotion that is closer to those positive feelings than what you had been feeling before.

What you do instead of looking at your back firing vision board doesn’t have to be related to what you want to manifest.

The important thing is that whatever you do make you feel a little better.

Because when you dominant feeling is a good feeling, more good will manifest to you,

with or without a vision board.

Much love,

Hannah May x

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