Becoming a Courtesan of Life



Obsessed at the moment with the idea of being a Courtesan of Life!

This playful, self assured, adoring, sassy, intelligent energy that is deeply magnetizing..

The idea of being a lover of life. A flirtatious, lighthearted and also fierce and powerful being that life just can’t resist!

Where life/the universe/source is tripping over itself to shower you with jewels and kisses and other delights.

Because life always is, so it’s more a matter of embodying the energy state of one who is thrilled and feels deserving and adorable enough to receive it’s gifts in full.

Being a Courtesan of Life is about having such a marvelous time that the treasures from the universe manifesting around you are just a generous frosting on top of a superb and perfect as it is cake. And you are delighted and deeply appreciative to be blessed with such delicious offerings, and you savour and enjoy them deeply, but they are not at all necessary for it is YOU that brings the joy and pleasure and sense of deep knowing and satisfaction with you every where you go.


A way of being that is truly irresistible to everything you desire.

Your relishing and passionate approach to living is overwhelmingly attractive to life. And life dotes on you in response.

The mystery and je ne sais quoi of you that the universe and others find profoundly magnetic comes from you knowing of the power you process. Your absolute trust in the magic your wield.

And it radiates from you in streams of overflowing love and adoration for yourself, life and all those around you.

Source is enamored with you and you open yourself up to dancing and communing with the universe in exquisite fun and sensuality.

Life showers you with blessings as reflections of what you are.

And you, the Courtesan of Life, open your arms up wide to the heavens, which you have created for yourself, and let it pour upon you. All the while with the whisper on your lips of more. Abundance. Limitlessness. Ever evolving. Never done. Expanding. Growth. Bliss.

That is the energy I am obsessed with.

The vibrational state I am evoking more and more of into my life. It is my key to allowing all I desire. And the outpouring of that love and light into the world.

Being a courtesan of Life,

Are you with me?

Much love,

Hannah May x

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