Are YOU one of the 99%?


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I have been thinking about what most people generally believe about achieving goals and happiness.

We are told that the end justifies the means.

That you should work hard. Sacrifice for a while in order to get what you really want.

Put in the effort.

Focus on the end goal.

Keep motivated.

Pay your dues now so you can reap the rewards in the future.

This shows up in our lives in a number of ways;

– Stop eating that food you love so you can slim down and be happy.

– Put in your 8 hours a day doing stuff you mostly don’t like, for x number of years to finally get the position in that company and you will make you feel so fulfilled and satisfied.

– Stick to a confining budget and forgo the little luxuries that you adore in order to get that thing or take that trip that will make you feel amazing or be so much fun.

I know you have had the experience before of reaching a certain goal (that is, if you even REACH your goal) but having the elated feeling of reaching it, be over all too soon.

The holiday went by too fast.

Or you aren’t as excited anymore about your new phone.

Or the new job was fun for a while but that excitement factor is
really dwindling now.

Or you aren’t still LOVING what you see in the mirror day after day despite toning up somewhat.

That got me thinking.

How much of your time do you spend NOT feeling happy/fulfilled/excited/amazing, in order to achieve your goals, compared with how long you feel good AFTER reaching the goal?

(Knowing that feeling great about you goal is only temporary.)

Or another way of saying that;

What percentage of your time to you spend feeling restricted, making sacrifices, doing stuff you don’t want to do, in order to achieve an outcome where you will FINALLY be happy?

And how long to you feel good for once you reach your goal before you become dissatisfied again and needing to reach a NEW goal in order to feel good?

It’s easy to see that MOST of your time you are doing things you don’t want to do and feeling emotions you don’t enjoy feeling in order to have a brief and temporary moment of feeling awesome at some stage in the future.

I would say most people spend 90% or MORE of their time trying to reach their goal.

And less than 10% of their time actually enjoying and feeling FANTASTIC once their get there.

(then it’s back to more if the trying, reaching, striving, sacrificing, due-paying to each the next goal)


That is almost ALL of your life!

90% of your life being less than happy in order to have a fleeting amount of time actually feeling great!

90% of your life!

(That is if you even GET to outcome where you believe you will be happy. Any goals you haven’t reached before? I bet there are hundreds! So the 90% become more like 100% in those areas of your life! ALL OF THAT TIME OF YOUR ONE LIFE!)
Almost ALL of your ONE life is spent postponing joy in order to get joy.

Postponing happiness in order to get happy.

Postponing freedom in order to get free.

No WONDER people get to the end of their lives and feel regret

No WONDER people feel this underlying sense of lack and unfulfillment.

No WONDER people have that feeling of “Is this IT? Is this all there is to life!?”

Of course they feel that way.

Do you?

If you are spending the vast MAJORITY of your life putting off feeling good in order to feel good, OF COURSE you feel dissatisfied.

Of course you feel less than amazing in so many areas of your life. Of course life feels hard.

And the sad thing is MOST people live that way.

MOST people feel that way.

Serisoulsy, almost EVERYONE!

Are YOU one of them?

It’s OK if you are. You are loved. You are wonderful. You are enough.

And you have found this post because you are ready to hear,
You are ready to know…


The way to happiness, to joy, to freedom IS happiness, joy and freedom.

IS feeling that way NOW.

Not in the future where everything will supposedly be better.

You can choose to feel better NOW.

You can choose to FLIP the ratio.

You can choose to spend almost ALL of your life feeling great. NOT just 10% of the time (if that!).

And the big, beautiful, not so secret, secret is,

The more you feel good NOW, the more you allow into your life to feel good about.

You see, we have it all backwards.

We are told we must feel bad for a while in order to get what we want so we can feel good.

But you can’t get to JOY by following a path of unhappiness.

You can’t get to FREEDOM by following a path of bondage.

You can’t get to your AMAZING dream life by following the path bland and normal.

The journey equals the outcome.

The journey IS the outcome.

And that’s not to say you won’t GET the outcome you desire so much.

It’s that you WON’T receive the full, fantastic, manifestation of what you desire if you aren’t following the path OF IT.

If you aren’t feeling the energy OF IT.

Life doesn’t have to be so HARD!

But almost everyone you know makes it out to be.

(just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s true, right or the only option)

I would say 99% of people believe they need to push or struggle or compromise to reach their goals.

99% of people are spending 90% of their LIVES not putting off their happiness till a future date.


Are you one of them?

Well, you don’t have to be.

You can choose to lean towards joy NOW.

Freedom now.

Love now.

Fun now.

Happiness now.

Or not.

You are ALLOWED to be one of the 99%.

But do you WANT to be?

Your choice gorgeous one.

Always your choice.

Which will YOU choose?

Much love,

Hannah May x

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2 Comments on Are YOU one of the 99%?

  1. Nidhi
    October 3, 2015 at 3:06 pm (2 years ago)

    Hi Hannah… Thanks for the post …I read your article on tiny Buddha and it seemed to make sense and that’s when I came across this article… I have been denying myself happiness and fun in life as you… I too believed in the fact that once I reach a good position in life ,I will be eligible for the happiness in life… Till then I should remain unhappy and some how that would help reach my goal… Until recently with help from a therapist I started believing that I should take steps to become happy in my present situation and not keep on postponing it for a later stage in life… Like you I too would not purchase new clothes as I felt I didn’t deserve it …now slowly am trying to change but was still confused whether this is the correct way …thanks for your article as it gave me assurance that this may be the right approach in life…presently I depend on my parents and so am a little hesitant when it comes to spending on myself… I asked my therapist and she said it was OK to spend …just last week bought some make up for myself… First I felt happy but now have doubts whether I deserve it as I still far away from becoming completely independent… I am a little confused about this stuff…

    • Hannah
      October 3, 2015 at 4:32 pm (2 years ago)

      Hi Nidhi,

      I am so glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you for being willing to share you story here with me. It is fantastic to hear that you have gathered some support for yourself in the form a therapist, what a beautiful act of self care. It is wonderful that you are taking steps to feel happy now; happiness leads to more happiness! We don’t get to a happy ending from an unhappy journey.

      The confusion you feel makes sense as for many years, and maybe your whole life, you have been living and believing that you don’t deserve to feel happy now. You will know the truth and what path is right for you by how you feel. If it makes you feel more hopeful and relieved knowing that you can choose a path of joy, then you will know it is the correct path for you (even if it does feel different because it;s not what you are used to.).

      Much love to you and thank you again for reaching out x