Are you living by default? A guided contemplation


Where in your life are you living by default?

I pose this question in the audio above as a means of inviting self-reflection and contemplation. I personally LOVE becoming more and more aware of where I am deliberately creating my life, and where I am still acting from old and unhelpful beliefs and patterns of thought.

Contemplation, as opposed to meditation which encourages you to quiet and detach from thinking, is the act of engaging in deep, reflective thought as a means of gaining insight.

I invite you to go somewhere quiet, relax your body, maybe have a journal handy to write any guidance or ideas you receive, and enjoy allowing your mind to meander and explore this topic.

The audio is under 4 minutes long but you may like to spend longer than this mulling over the ideas that come to mind. And be open to receiving more insight and inspired ideas over the next few days as the mental seeds planted by this contemplation come to fruition.

I hope you enjoy it.

Much love,

Hannah May.

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