Allowing what you desire is meant to be simple and easy.



Dear one,

You sometimes make it so hard on yourself. You sometimes make it so complicated, this deliberate life creation stuff. You get so caught up in what you feel you need to do, what you hear from others, the various processes and tools and concepts you could implement, that you end up doing little, if ANY, of it.

You forget often how really simple it is. How EASY it can be. Can you let it be simple? Can you let it be easy? It’s OK for it to be simple and easy. It really is.

It’s meant to be as easy as breathing really. The air just IS. It’s there for you. You never worry that it isn’t. You just breathe and allow the air into your lungs. Simple. Easy. No fuss.

What you desire can be that way too.

Can you let it?

Will you let it?

Breathing will often really help you let it as a matter of fact. To just breathe. For you to know you are enough and are doing just wonderfully and that there is no reason to struggle or push. Just breathe. A conscious breath or 5 can remind you of that.

Will you let it?

What you desire is done and known. You do not have to work it all out; exactly what it is that will satisfy you, the best way to it, ANY way to it. You don’t have to have a super specific destination and step by step plan all figured out and laid out and known.

You know enough for now. More than enough.

You have an idea of what makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Do that.

You have quite a few ideas of what you would like in your life even though many of the details are missing and makes your mind go into overthought or stuck-ness if you try define what they are because some said you have be VERY specific about what you want other wise you will manifest ‘wrong’, if at all. You don’t. All is well. You can sense the direction you are heading. You can focus on it, you can feel the feeling of it.

You have some guesses what actions may help get you closer to that feeling. You know intellectually LOTS of things you COULD do, and although that gets overwhelming and sometimes puts you in analysis paralysis, you also have to admit a few interest you more than other. A few of the ‘could’ or ‘should’ dos that actually feel a little like want to dos. Do those.

You have a few things you know light you up and make you feel good. Defiantly do those! (you have permission to stop doing other things to make room).

That is enough to know.

Further clarity will come as your follow the vibe of the things you desire. Further guidance and ideas and impulses will come to you as you step and step and step in the direction of what feels right, right now.

What you desire is known and done. And an outcome and a path to it, better, more satisfying, more fun and delicious than you could have imagined will be revealed to you as you walk towards it.

Not needing to know all the details and EXACTLY how it will look will actually allow it to come more easily as you are not LOCKED IN to how it must come or how the end result must be. By following the feeling and having an idea of what you desire that is a symbol of what you want that feels great to you to think about right now, a symbol that you use to focus yourself and steer the ship of your life, allows room for inspiration and the broader view of your higher, soul, source self to bring to you something potentially even better than what you can currently imagine.

In short, you know enough for now.

Follow what feels right, inspired, interesting (even if it seems irresponsible or unrelated).

It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Step towards what you can sense represents, embodies, a bit more of who you can feel you really are.

And then step again.

The path is there for you.

Your feeling will guide you.



Will you let it be?

Much love,

Hannah May x

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