Adorning yourself is a POWERFUL manifestation practice.



What you would do differently if you had what you desired right now?

THAT is the path to it!

Sometimes your makeup brushes can be like magic wands, I realized as I was applying my blush and mascara today.

That an intentional practice of caring for and doting on ourselves can make huge shifts in the manifestation of our desires. Of how we create and allow our dream lives to unfold like magic.

You see, part of being a courtesan of life, of being in this fun, sensual, playful, powerful energy state that naturally attracts a life I absolutely love,

Is adorning myself. Is treating myself like the worthy, gorgeous queen I am. This often translates into applying makeup even if I never leave the house. Or using beauty products I enjoy. Or dressing in certain clothing.

Not because I have to. Not because I feel less than without my adornment but because my adornment is about celebrating and adoring myself. It is embodying the person I really am. Which IS a queen. A powerful sorceress of energy. A courtesan of life.

It is about creating a mood of what it is I enjoy and what I want to manifest more of in my life.

It is about focus.

Focus is powerful.
Our attention to something is what focuses the energy of the universe. It is how we channel the life force that makes up everything in this world. Adornment is about channeling that energy, putting my focus, into something that helps me to create more of what I want in my life. It is about focusing my attention with the intention of activating certain vibrations, to elicit a certain emotion, because what we vibrate is what we attract more of.

And I want to be on the vibration of celebration and adoration, beauty, love, pleasure and fun!

I want more of that in my life. So that’s why I do it. It is intentional. It is done form a place of enough-ness and deserving and worthiness, and celebration of that.

When I ask my clients who want to lose weight, or be in a relationship for example, what they will do differently once they have reached their goal? What is it that they don’t do NOW because they aren’t where they want to be? And one of the most common answers is along the lines of adornment.

When they lose weight they will wear the clothes they really love

When they are in a relationship they will do their hair more often
because it feels fun and flirty to do that for a partner

When they are skinnier they will moisturise their body more often

When they are finally in love they will swap their sweat pants for
some luxurious lounge wear for around the home

When THIS external thing changes, then they will DO something differently. They will finally treat themselves the way they feel deep down they deserve to be treated. They will adore, celebrate, focus on and adorn themselves when the world has shifted around them. That is COMPLETELY backwards. Your external reality changes when you change!

Something different manifests in your life only once YOU do something different. You cannot attract the man who worships you or the body you adore if you have not first cultivated and practiced the vibration of worshiping and adoring your wonderful self.You can only manifest what is on the same vibration that you are emitting, that you are living.

You need to worship yourself first
You need to adore yourself first

And that may very well mean adorning yourself in a way that pleases you. Now. Not when xyz happens. YOU have to shift first. And the thing is, it’s FUN to adore yourself. It’s is feels LOVELY to adorn yourself. It feels good NOW to celebrate yourself.

The process of manifesting what you desire is enjoyable all along the way. So not only will you bring more into your life that you are deliberately creating the mood and emotion of, you get to have the joy and fun and celebration you desire RIGHT NOW.

No sacrificing. No waiting. No postponing.

Just a little focus.
Just a little practice.
Just a little intention and deliberateness.
Just a little blush and lipstick 😉
(or whatever rings your bells)

Ask yourself:

– What you would do differently if you had what you desired right now?

– When you have reached your goal and are feeling fantastic, what actions are natural outcomes of feeling that way?

And realise that THAT is the path to it.

The feeling that your action would be a reflection of is an emotion you can cultivate now!

And is the KEY to not only manifesting what you want,

But also having all the delicious fun your desire along the way.

Much love,

Hannah May x

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