2 Step Trick to Help Beat the Binge



If you want to change what you are doing, you have to first notice it. This is called self-awareness. As in, you are aware of what you are doing.

Self-awareness is going to help you stop binge eating.

So how does one do this? Next time you feel that you are binge eating or overeating in some way do this:

1. Take a second to notice what you are doing.

A great way to do this is by describing the situation (You can just think it to yourself):

Example: “There is half a packet of biscuits in front of me. I want to eat them. I am eating this biscuit”

Try to avoid being all judgmental about yourself. Just try to state the facts:

“I am eating cake even though I feel really full”

Instead of:

Oh my God, I’m such a piggy for eating this cake. Arghhh! my tummy is so huge.”

Now that you have identified what you are doing (“I am eating lots of extra food”), have a go at discovering the reason behind it.

2. Try to figure out why you are overeating.

Have a ponder to yourself why you may be eating this way.
Think back to how you were feeling before the binge. Maybe you were tired. Or stressed. Or bored. Or overwhelmed with all the stuff you have to do, TODAY!

You don’t have to get all super-analytical and psychotherapist on yourself. Even just identifying a general vibe is helpful:

“I am binge eating. I was feeling a bit swamped with work before.”

Still not sure how you are feeling? That’s OK. Just have a guess. Or, simply notice that you are not feeling quite right:

“I am feeling really blah right now. All I want to do it eat.”

Important: Noticing how you are feeling does not mean you have to stop eating. 
A big part of being someone who overeats is that your find it extremely hard to stop eating mid binge. It would be unreasonable to expect yourself to put down the cookies with a single thought. So play nice and don’t be hard on yourself.

By thinking about the what (“I am binge eating”) and the why (“I am bored”) you will slowly learn more about yourself and your eating patterns. Think of it as research.

This research is going to build your self-awareness muscles.

And those big self-awareness guns are going to help you beat the binging.


Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jilleatsapples/5469544890/


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